All terrain vehicle coloring pages

Sport models were also developed by Honda, which had a virtual monopoly in the market due to effective patents on design and engine placement. The 1981 ATC250R was the first high-performance three-wheeler, featuring full suspension, a 248 cc (0. 248 L; 15. 1 cu in) air cooled two-stroke engine, a five-speed transmission with manual clutch, and a front disc brake. For the sporting trail rider, the 1983 ATC200X was another landmark machine. It used an easy-to-handle 192 cc (0. 192 L; 11. 7 cu in) four-stroke that was ideal for new participants in the sport. The ATC200X was the first high-performance four-stroke ATV that featured full suspension, front and rear disc brakes with single piston calipers, an 18-horsepower (13. 4 kW) engine, sporty looks and is widely considered one of the best ATVs ever produced. Today, ATC200Xs can be found on the market in all conditions and prices, and is still highly regarded and followed by the aftermarket community.

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