Barbie fashion designer coloring pages

Barbie Fashion Designer sold over 500,000 copies in its first two months of release and over 600,000 within the first year of its release, outselling other popular games at the time such as Quake and Doom. According to PC Data, which tracked computer game sales in the United States, Fashion Designer sold 351,945 units and earned $14 million by the end of 1996. It was the country’s sixth-best-selling computer game of that year. Commenting on its performance that year, a writer for Next Generation wrote that “Barbie Fashion Designer has done an excellent job at expanding the market and scored well with the female population. ” It was also the top-selling SKU for Christmas 1997. According to Joyce Slaton of GameSpot, “Mattel’s successful innovation [was] placing Barbie Fashion Designer on toy aisles rather than in the boy-dominated software section in toy stores”.

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