Disney bunnies coloring pages

DCP licensing peak in 1997 with 749 Disney Stores worldwide, operating income of $893 million and 4,200 licensees for mostly Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse productd plus some popular animated movies. [nyt 3] Disney’s and McDonald’s ten-year cross-promotional agreement began on January 1, 1997. [nyt 4] In May 1997, the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. filed a copyright infringement suit against Disney over “Pooh-Grams” being similar to its mail-order “Bear-Gram” trademark and logo. Also, Disney Enterprises, Inc. sold DCP operating subsidiary Childcraft Education Corp. to U. S. Office Products Co. [lat 1] In July 1997, Boyd was named chairman of DCP with Canada and US head Anne Osberg was promoted to President, DCP. As president, Osberg also oversaw Disney Stores, Walt Disney Records and Disney Interactive.

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