Disney magic artist online coloring pages

Disney had cruise ship designs drawn up by February 1994. Disney Cruise Line in 1995 commissioned Disney Magic and Disney Wonder from Fincantieri in Italy. The ship was built in two halves with the bow built at Fincatieri’s Ancona shipyard and the aft at their Marghera shipyard. The planned maiden voyage was for March 12, 1998. In January 1997, the first ticket for the Magic’s first trip was raffled off on Lifetime channel, while ticket sales would begin in September 1997. With continuing delays on the MS Rotterdam kept additional workers from the Magic. Thus by November 1997, the cruise line rescheduled the ship’s initial voyage to April 30, 1998. Further delays, from suppliers and weather conditions, at Fincantieri pushed back the maiden voyage of Disney Magic a few more months. The bow was towed to the Marghera shipyard where the halves were joined.

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