Emily strange coloring pages

The third HarperCollins book, Emily the Strange: Dark Times was released on December 28, 2010. Emily is in Duntztown when she needs a student ID to obtain a discount at the local hardware store. After going to school and borrowing an ID, she decides to homeschool herself literally, as opposed to lying about it in the past two books. During a seminar “History of the Strange Family 101”, Emily finds out that her Great-Aunt Lily died by white fever at age 13, though she had healing powers and could probably heal herself. A rumor that a Dark Aunt caused her death is spreading too. Emily goes to Blackrock to find black rock for her Time Out Machine, only to find that Blackrock is not there and that the caravan is with her. She learns about Boris, Attikol’s ancestor, and decides to time travel into 1790 to save Lily and take Boris off her tail using a moving, severed cat’s tail.

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