Hammer bro coloring pages

The Hammer Bro first appeared in Super Mario Bros. , where they would jump from platforms and throw hammers at Mario or Luigi. In the game, they were usually found in pairs. They later appeared in its sequel, Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels, where they were found more commonly. Although they were absent in Super Mario Bros. 2, they did appear in Super Mario Bros. 3, in which they behaved in the same way as they did in the original game. Also, more varieties of the Hammer Bro were added, including the Boomerang Bro. , whose boomerangs returned to them, the Fire Bro. , who spat fireballs, and the Sledge Bro. , who was considerably larger and could cause an earthquake when he landed from a jump. Super Mario Bros. 3 also featured the Hammer Bros. Suit, which granted Mario and Luigi the ability to throw hammers of their own and also conferred immunity against fire attacks while ducking.

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