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In spite of the buzz garnered from Lil’ Mo’s record deal with Cash Money, reception for the song was generally mixed to negative. Critics felt that the song was an “insecure female anthem,” due to Mo’s recitation of “I’m not Britney, I’m not Jessica, I’m not Mýa but I’m still on fire. ” Many were also appalled by Mo’s verse: “. . . Mine don’t look like yours but I still got it going on,” where critics believed Mo was further solidifying her point of feeling some sort of insecurity or jealousy. Others also did not take too likely of Lil Wayne’s guest appearance either, where they felt he was “rapping like Jay-Z again. ” By contrast, Jermy Leeuwis of Music Remedy complimented the single as “sizzling” and praised Lil Wayne’s feature as “precocious. ”

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