Larry the cucumber coloring pages

Bob the Tomato (introduced 1993) is the main protagonist of the series, and is usually the “straight man” in his partnership with Larry the Cucumber as they introduce many of the stories at the beginning and wrap-up the Biblical lesson at the end of most of the shows. He also plays many character roles in the story segments, some of which are in contrast to his more mature persona, which Phil Vischer called “my inner Mr. Rogers”. He first appeared in 1992 in a VeggieTales promo “Take 38” and later in 1993 in Big Idea’s first video, Where’s God When I’m S-Scared?. In it, he and Larry set the opening format which has largely become a VeggieTales standard, where a letter is read from a viewer by the duo on a kitchen counter (which serves as a sort of stage). In this show, Bob played himself in the first of the two 15-minute segments titled “Tales from the Crisper”, comforting a frightened Junior Asparagus with the cheerful song, “God is Bigger. ” The end of this episode started a running gag in which Bob is annoyed by the “What We Have Learned” end-of-episode song, impatiently waiting until it is over so that he can ask Qwerty what they’ve learned. Bob also has his own Silly Song called Lance the Turtle, written by Jean Claude and Phillipe. It premiered in Gideon Tuba Warrior while Larry was in his pirate persona hosting the show with Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt.

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