Orsett hall valentines day printable coloring pages

The house dated in part to the 17th century, but was enlarged and reconstructed in brick by Richard Baker about 1750 and was set in 12 acres (4. 9┬áha) of parkland. With the purchases of additional farm land in Orsett and nearby parishes, Baker established an agricultural estate centred on the house. In 1827, the house and estate passed from the Baker family to a nephew, William Wingfield, who changed his name to Wingfield-Baker. It was inherited by his son, Richard Baker Wingfield-Baker and in turn by his son, Digby Wingfield-Baker. At the end of the 19th century the estate was inherited by Thomas Whitmore as a debt of honour. (A family legend says that it was won in a game of cards. ) The house was refurbished in the early 20th century by Colonel Sir Francis Whitmore who described it as “an uninhabitable shell, without light, water or sanitation”. It was the Whitmore family home for more than fifty years. It was inherited by Sir Francis’ son, Sir John Whitmore, who used the grounds to take off and land his plane. He sold it in 1968, to his friends, Tony and Val Morgan. At the time of the fire Steve and Lynn Haynes owned and ran the Orsett Hall Hotel as a conference centre, hotel and wedding venue.

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