Princess pea coloring pages

Book one tells a story about a small, sickly mouse named Despereaux who was born in a castle with his eyes open. Despereaux, unlike other mice, spends lots of time reading and particularly enjoys a book about how a knight saves a princess and they live happily ever after. One day while reading, he hears music that sounds like honey. He follows the sound and leads him to Princess Pea and King Philip. He sits at the king’s feet to hear the music and falls in love with the princess and speaks to her, but the king leads the mouse away because mice are related to the outlawed rats. Furlough, Despereaux’s brother, sees this and tells his father, Lester Tilling. Lester calls the mouse council; Furlough goes to collect Despereaux. The mouse council orders Despereaux to be sent to the dungeon because talking to a human is forbidden. When he goes in the dungeon, he meets Gregory, the jailer, who saves him because Despereaux tells him a story which he says that its light and light is precious.

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