Rugrats in paris coloring pages

Chuckie interrupts the wedding and Jean-Claude accidentally reveals Coco’s true nature by announcing that her kidnapping plot had failed. Chas angrily calls the wedding off. Angelica divulges Coco’s plans to Yamaguchi, who is also in attendance, and the former president dismisses Coco from EuroReptarland. Angelica rips Coco’s wedding dress and Spike chases the humiliated Coco from the church with Jean-Claude in tow. Kira arrives at the church after having been thrown out of the wedding car earlier and apologizes to Chas for what Coco did to him and Chuckie. Chas and Kira eventually marry upon returning to the United States. Spike’s new girlfriend, Fifi, is adopted by the Finster family. Chuckie gets Kira as a new mother, and Kimi as a new sister.

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